Mobile app bug fixes: Why ongoing app maintenance matters

With a good mobile app maintenance package, app owners can rest assured knowing their product is looked after by experts. For example, at Novaflip we take care of any mobile app bug fixes, update your app for new OS changes, and keep it safe from attacks. Moreover, we work alongside app owners to determine key areas that need improvement and implement updates to their app. In this blog post, we’ll tell you a bit more about the security and safety part of our maintenance packages.

1. Critical Mobile App Bug fixes

Most Apps will at some point need fixing – unfortunately, there is no way of avoiding this. Our experience has taught us many things, one of them being that whenever you build an app, there will be things that can’t be accounted for. These things happen in the wider environment (policy changes, OS updates, etc.), meaning that an app will inevitably need bug fixes and updating.

Our Maintenance Package includes taking care of all mobile app bug fixes. We pre-empt OS updates and make sure that your app is never down and issues are resolved immediately. With this in mind, app owners can focus their energy on their business and leave the app worries behind.

2. Pre-empting OS Updates

One thing business owners often aren’t aware of is the need for app updates alongside an OS update. Whether your app is built on an Android or Apple device, we ensure that it’s ready for any OS updates.

It’s often the case that mobile app fixes are unnecessary if an OS update has been planned for in advance. In our work we regularly see issues arise from a misunderstanding of how a changing OS will affect the way a product functions on it. In order to avoid this, you need development experts in your corner that will give you advice before you know you need it.

3. Firebase and Back-end Service

Our maintenance package also includes optimising your app so that it operates as well as possible. Via the use of Firebase (a Google product) and back-end optimisations, we resolve challenges and optimise the overall app experience. We use Firebase products as they are very versatile and can be implemented on iOS, Android, and Web.

These three points are simply just a few of the things that we offer in our maintenance package. As well as that, we cover areas such as adding new features, auditing performance, and a lot more. If you have an app that you’d like to see running smoothly, then look no further than Novaflip. 

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