Buddi Healthcare Mobile App

Buddi is an innovative, British technology company which was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Sara Murray OBE. Firstly, it began developing propriety mobile technologies for locating vulnerable individuals. Most importantly, Buddi now provides technologies to support service users across more than 80% of UK local authorities, as well as to Government customers around the world.

One of the best solutions to use for Buddi’s healthcare mobile app was Flutter App Development.

The Brief

In short, the brief for the project was to create a healthcare mobile app called Nudge. The app interfaced with a wearable emergency button-equipped Bluetooth wristband.

It was an absolute honour to work with award-winning entrepreneur and Government adviser Sara Murray (OBE). Furthermore, Buddi is an exciting and groundbreaking brand that we just couldn’t say no to.

The Solution
Key Points

The Solution

When we joined the project, there was a preliminary rough UX plan in place. However, we then expanded the vision into a full set of wireframes that demonstrated all-action paths through the app. This, in turn, allowed us to iron out any problems at the early stages. Moreover, once this healthcare mobile app was completed, we went on to develop two additional apps to further aid in the monitoring of elderly relatives.


Our Biggest Achievements:

  • We developed a mobile app from UX to final product.
  • We ensured that the app interfaced with a wearable emergency-equipped Bluetooth wristband.
  • We developed two additional apps to aid in the monitoring of elderly relatives.