About Us

As the demand for mobile apps continues to increase, so do users expectations. Therefore, users look for speed, ease of navigation, great visuals and apps that don’t take up too much space. In turn, this means that App developers are then presented with a number of challenges. One of which is to use the best technologies to fulfil user desires.

Meet the team


Founder & Lead Developer

Having founded NovaFlip a few years ago, Daren's goal was to build a dream team. With his IOS and Flutter experience, NovFlip was to be an all-rounded machine.


Cross Platform & Native Developer

Francis is a coding superstar that has worked with a lot of the UK and global leading brands. Collectively, the mobile apps that he has developed have seen over 350 million downloads.


Head of Marketing

Javier joined the team in mid-2019 and has been a great addition to the Novaflip team. With nearly 10 years of experience in marketing, he brings a lot to the table.


Junior Developer

Pedro is an extremely fast learner and a great app developer in his own right. He is the newest member of the team, but he has settled in extremely well. Great to have him onboard.


Creative Director

Mark is our creative mind. Alongside our Head of Marketing, he creates great content and a great strategy for our brand, as well as help, shape our client works' design.


Android Developer

Rafa is our Android expert and has a great understanding of an app’s expected functionality and a master of the coding process. We are so happy to have him as part of the team.

What our clients think about us

“Daren is the best iOS developer I have worked with by a distance, not just in his ability to produce high-quality code but also in always keeping in mind what the output means for the end-user. This is a rare and valuable quality in a software developer.”

Joe Purcell

Chief Operating Officer Make Tomorrow

“Novaflip’s depth of experience and understanding of programming is what stands out for me, I would certainly consider them one of the top iOS Dev teams on the market. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them on a personal level, and look forward to working with them in the future”

Keith Robinson

Managing Director Ammonite

“Daren ‘Digital Product’ Taylor is a highly collaborative developer who will help bring any product to life. A true mobile product specialist and problem solver who knows his stuff and confidently talks the talk.”

Charlie Rowe

Head of Design Barclays Ventures

“Daren’s not only a bit of a genius, but he also has a creative side and passion that obviously helps when it comes to problem-solving and ideation – programmers can occasionally be a bit dry but Daren doesn’t follow that trend.”

Dale Cook

Product Manager Serif Limited