Flutter Development

Mobile app use – and therefore mobile app development (including Flutter development) – has exploded over the last decade.  In addition to this, it is also showing no signs of slowing down. In 2018 statistics indicate that the global revenue form mobile apps globally was $365.2 billion. However, the same statistics predict that by 2022 that revenue will have risen to $808.7 billion. Therefore, it’s far from too late to reap the benefits a mobile app can offer to you and your business.

As the demand for mobile apps continues to increase, so do users expectations. Therefore, users look for speed, ease of navigation, great visuals and apps that don’t take up too much space. In turn, this means that App developers are then presented with a number of challenges. One of which is to use the best technologies to fulfil user desires.

One of the best solutions we make use of is Flutter Development.  

What is Flutter Development?

Flutter development, simply put, is a mobile app development kit created and maintained by Google. Even though, Google is very closely aligned with Android, Flutter was created with all developers (like Novaflip) in mind. Allowing teams like ours to create cross platform mobile apps. But most importantly, offering a way to get a new app into the hands of as many users as possible. Whilst offering them a great experience.

Why the NovaFlip Team Uses Flutter Development


Maybe you are under the impression that Google and Apple don't 'play well' together. However, that's often not the case, and Flutter is a great example of that. Flutter was created by Google developers to serve app developers who need to create an app using a single code. Which in turn, functions as well on iOS devices as it does the Google-centric Android.

Helpful Hot Reload

The hot reload feature in Flutter allows developers like the Novaflip team to create an app as quickly as possible. Whilst still ensuring that it functions as well as it needs to. In turn, this feature allows us to see every change we make within seconds of making it. Every tweak, new feature or fix applied can be viewed in seconds. This immediate feedback allows us to work faster and with more precision, something that we love and you will too.

Great Preformance

As we mentioned, users demands for apps to do more are increasing, and Flutter helps app developers create high performance apps they love. Flutter's engineering and architecture can provide a performance level of 60 or 120 frames per second on mobile devices capable of 120Hz screen refresh rates. In layman's terms that means that it allows mobile app developers to create apps that are super responsive and very user-friendly.

How NovaFlip Uses Flutter

The NovaFlip mobile app development team are very well versed in – and are big fans of – Flutter to aid in custom mobile app development. It’s just one of the tools we use though, and it’s not the right choice for every project.


This realisation is one of the things that sets us apart from other mobile app development companies. We do not work on the basis that mobile app development is a one size should be made to fit all prospect. Every app we create is unique to the client, and if Flutter is not the best option we won’t use it, we’ll use something that is the right choice instead.


Ready to discuss what a mobile app custom created for you and your business would look like, and whether Flutter would work for it? Contact us today.


The toolset for Flutter is very efficient  to use when developing mobile apps, especially as it is a very fast process to make changes and see the results on the device.

While Flutter will produce apps on iOS and android that have a similar look and feel, one of the things that sets Flutter apart is that the results always look fantastic out of the box. A rich set of built in controls allows us to design and develop stunning apps that run flawlessly.

Yes, because it will enable you to make an MVP for iOS  and Android you can release into the wild to gain critical user feedback, then we will be able to iterate on this at the lowest possible effort and cost.

Google Ads, Alibaba, Reflectly to name just a few.

For general purposes there will be absolutely no recognisable speed difference to the end user.