Lollipop ai.

Lollipop is an e-commerce and cooking mobile app that makes ordering food fun and easy to use. Especially, with its smart shopping assistant that fills your basket based on your selected meal plans.

The Brief

In short, the brief was to build an amazing team, which included their own internal UX team. As well as building a fully functioning in 3 months (both on IOS and android).

Furthermore, the client didn’t want us to just build an app and then leave. They required different rounds of builds and re-designs as well as constant maintenance and support. 

The Solution
Key Points

The Solution

Once the app was built within the 3-month deadline. The business went through a large series A round of funding which allowed us to further develop the app alongside a full reskin (re-design) of the UI. Furthermore, we did smaller improvements and gave recommendations for the future prospects of the app. This produced a rock-stable app.

The thing we are most proud of with Lollipop ai is that we were able to keep working with them for a lot longer than the first plan. At NovaFlip our goal is to not only build amazing apps but then support them along the way. The best example of this is that we further built on the app by adding full shopping support and basket substitutions for items not in stock, making the app feature complete.

Key Points

  1. Version one of the app was built and completed within the 3-month deadline. 
  2. We were able to hand over a feature-complete app due to the continuous support that we were able to give. 
  3. The app was heavily integrated with Sainsbury’s shopping API which while tricky at times, allowed us to piggyback on their infrastructure. 
  4. A full re-skin allowed us to design a beautiful UI.