Vouchercloud is a company based in Bristol, UK, that had long offered physical voucher books. Most importantly, that allowed customers to save money at a wide variety of retailers.For example, brands from Marks & Spencer’s to Adidas. However, wanting to move into the digital world they were ready to create a mobile app.



In preparation for making the transition into the digital world, the company had commissioned a mobile app. However, the original result was poor and Vouchercloud were disappointed with the developers that they first went with.  Therefore, they were again looking for new developers.

The Brief

Vouchercloud approached us for a reclamation project, that we were more than happy to take on. Firstly, they were looking for an effective app and process, something that they could justify.  Secondly they needed fast developers, that were easy to work with. Finally, they needed the app to be engaging and easy to navigate.

The Solution

Not only did we hit the brief, but in three months we developed an app that has since been downloaded over 10 million times from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. We also like to think that the app that we created had a lot to do with the company being purchased by Vodaphone for £12 million not too long after it launched.

The Key Points

  • Reclamation project of an app that had been poorly built.
  • Needed to be fast, effective and easy to navigate
  • 10 Million downloads
  • Company sold for £12 million shortly after the app was launched.