Samsung 2012

In 2012 we got approached by Samsung to take the lead on the development of their Olympic app. Above all, this was very exciting and provided us with a great opportunity to work with mobile giants.


For the London Olympics, Samsung released an app that allowed sport fans to raise money for worthy causes whilst taking part in sporting activities.

The Brief

Firstly, the brief was to deliver a socially driven app, whilst partnering with celebrities. For example, David Beckham, Jamie Oliver and Victoria Pendleton. Secondly, the app should encourage everyday runners to get out and run. And as a result earn £1 for a worthy cause for every mile they logged via the app.

The Solution:

The app had to be engaging and very technical whilst meeting a tight deadline. Therefore making it one of the biggest challenges we have faced at Novaflip. In addition  we also needed to add a mechanisms that would generate an animated video at the end of each run. In short, a video that would feature the user’s headshot superimposed on a virtual body and running with a Celebrity superstar such as David Beckham.

Key Points

Managing a team of three developers Daren was able to deliver the app ahead of the scheduled deadline, and after it was launched by none other than Golden Balls himself it was awarded the title of Apple App