Memrise, is a language learning app that focuses on real learning experiences. However, the app is also positioned at busy, fast moving individuals that don’t have much time to waste. Meaning that a fast and reliant product is key to its success. 


When the client fist contacted us, they came to us with an app that had been over engineered and under delivered by previous developers. Additionally, the app had some major technical difficulties and Ed Cooke, asked for us to step in and fix it for them.

The Brand and Product

Memerise, is a language learning app that allows users to watch and learn real conversations from native speakers. Making it one of the most unique learning experiences available. However, the app that had been developed was not fast enough to meet customer requirements.

The Problem

The app was far from being market ready and had some major technological flaws.

Some of these issues included:

  • The app being too large
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Slow loading speeds

These issues were critical to the performance and usability of the app. Therefore, it would have meant that Ed and the Memrise team wouldn’t have been able to deliver the “Free-app based memory learning” that he wanted. Furthermore, Memrise wanted to pride itself on targeting people quickly and delivery a fast service, which they would have struggled to have done.

The Solution

Working closely with Ed and his team, we stripped out all the unnecessary components and replaced them with lightweight custom code.  In conclusion, this transformed the app into one that offered a lightning fast user experience.

Additionally, we improved the UX significantly, adding front end gamification, a freemium model and a recurring subscription which allowed the app to be monetised. This was extremely profitable, especially as the app quickly gained traction via strategically placed social shares within the app.

Since then, the Memrise app has become a popular fixture in the App Store and has earned itself the title of App of the Week numerous times, as well as Google Play Awards in 2017 and awards for Best app of iPhone and iPad.