An Ultimate Guide for Cross-Platform App Development


If you have been dreaming of creating your own app but are dreading the thought of rewriting it each time just so it can be accessed across multiple platforms, this article is for you. In this piece, I will be handing you the reasons, benefits, and tools to help you opt for cross-platform app development. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Why Do You Need It

As an entrepreneur, you know that your brand and business is only as good as its reach and accessibility. That being said you also know that developing an app that can reach multiple markets quickly and easily is key. That is why multi-platform development is the way to ensure your app reaches everyone without the high-cost and frustration of antiquated rewriting that often causes inconsistencies and errors. 

iOS vs. Android

Each operating systems comes with its own unique features and benefits but when it comes to apps specifically they also differ on how their customer base will interact with each. 

For example, Apple users are hands-down the biggest buyers, spending more money on apps than anyone else. That being said, Android users tend to engage more with their apps and currently still make up most of the market of smart devices in the market.

This is where cross platform app development makes life easy, you don’t have to choose which one you should launch with because you can lead with both – cashing in on both necessary elements of your app business. 

Choosing Your Developer

When it comes to choosing a developer, many start-up choose to wing it in-house or will look online for the cheapest ways to get it done. I would argue that the hassle and risk involved with choosing anyone other than an expert could kill your business before you even get it to market. That being said, startups don’t exactly have an overflow of revenue to invest in a team of developers but guess what you no longer need to spend a lot to get the results. 

NovaFlip has made a splash in this arena in the following ways:

  • Specialize in tech and bringing products to launch 
  • Experts in both React Native and Flutter tech 
  • Ensures consistency in messaging and branding across every platform 
  • Single interface regardless of the device for a streamlined UX 
  • Radically less expensive compared to separate platform app building 

The Process

With NovaFlip you get to work directly with the developers to brainstorm and ensure your app captures your exact brand and USP. Once you have established your wants and goals a pre-development user experience will be created so you can review and provide helpful feedback to tailor your app to your exact specifications.

Tech and Testing Phases

One of the most important elements of app development besides the coding is testing your market. NovaFlip uniquely provides a list of beta testers to provide valuable feedback so you can edit and highlight more of what your end-user wants to see. 

This also guarantees full transparency and support the entire way throughout your development journey. By the time you are ready for the launch, you can feel confident that the results will be there. 

The Launch 

Prior to the big day, you can look forward to an exciting pre-launch to get everyone excited and ready to “meet” your app. This includes proper marketing, PR, and SEO to offer you poised and ready traffic interested in your app. 

Each of the elements is crucial to achieving the most streamlined and enjoyable experience for you and your customers. 

Wrap Up 

If you are debating whether it’s worth it to invest in cross-platform app development you don’t need to anymore. The value in knowing your customer will have a streamlined, flawless, and exciting experience is priceless. NovaFlip makes the entire journey easy and affordable so you can sit back and enjoy the process and the final product.